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As a large, three-form primary school, The Coppice employs over a hundred staff in total. These staff carry out a variety of different roles in order that we can ensure the safe, smooth and successful running of the school on a daily basis. Every member of staff is vital in ensuring that we create the best possible environment for our children in order that they can grow and flourish in every aspect of school life. We are extremely proud of how we all work closely as a team to achieve this.

The activities of The Coppice are overseen by our Board of Trustees. Further information on our Trustees can be found here.

The Headteacher, Mr. Hutt, oversees the work of all staff in school, in conjunction with the Senior Leadership Team, and the school is organised so that there is a clear line of accountability at all levels.

Our School Leadership team comprises The Headteacher, Deputy Headteacher, Assistant Headteacher and School Business Manager.

Our approach to classroom staffing comprises:

Non-class-based teaching staff:

A document showing the members of the various school departments as at 1st September 2023 is available here.