NameTypeDate of ApptTermination dateSub CommitteeArea of responsibilitySDP priority area/ Curriculum subjectDeclaration of Pecuniary Interests
Mrs Kathryn Byng Chair of the Board of Trustees, Member & Trustee, Chair of PPF Nov 2015 Nov 2023 PPF*, Exclusions  Safeguarding, SEND, Pupil Premium and LAC, EYFS  EYFS None
Mrs Kim Green Vice-Chair, Parent Trustee Nov 2018 Nov 2022  Head Teacher review panel, PPF, Hearings Committee, Curriculum, Exclusions  Safeguarding, SEND, Pupil Premium and LAC Literacy/Reading None
Mr Max Field M.B.E., J.P. Co-Opted Nov 1978 Nov 2023 Buildings and Grounds, Pupil discipline, Appeals,Exclusions  Health & Safety,  Recovery Plan None
Miss Patricia Harrison Co opted Nov 2015 Nov 2023 Buildings and Grounds, PPF*  Health & Safety   None
Mr William Hutt Head,  Trustee, Chief Accounting Officer, Chair of Buildings and Grounds    N/A Buildings and Grounds, PPF*     None
Mrs Lisa Howfield Member & Trustee, Co-Opted Nov 2016 Nov 2022 Buildings and Grounds, PPF*, Head Teacher Review   Computing and Infrastructure None
Mr Rob Laight Teacher, staff trustee Nov 2014 Nov 2022 Curriculum     None
Mr Dave Monk Co-Opted June 2021  June 2025 Curriculum, Hearings Committee   Wider Curriculum and Blending Learning None
TBC Church Trustee Sept 2021   Pupil discipline, Appeals, Buildings and Grounds, Exclusions   Blending Learning None
Mrs Clare Webster Co-Opted Trustee, Chief Financial Officer

Oct 2015

Nov 2023  PPF*, Curriculum and B&G Assessment Recovery Plan  None
Mrs Emma Hood Parent Trustee

Nov 2019

Nov 2023  Hearings Committee,Exclusions, Head Teacher Review    Blending Learning None
Mr Paul Pemble Parent Trustee

Nov 2019

Nov 2023  Curriculum, Hearings Committee, Exclusions     None
 Mrs Lindsey Ashwell  Associate Trustee*  June 2021  N/A  Curriculum Committee Leader      None
Mr Richard Mace Associate Trustee*  Sept 2014 N/A  Buildings and Grounds     None
Miss Amanda Salisbury Associate Trustee* Sept 2018 N/A Curriculum, Appeals, Pupil discipline, Exclusions     None
Mr Neil Poole    Oct 2015 Term Expired       None
Mr Pete Emery    Nov 2016 Resigned July 2019       None
Mrs Maria Taylor   Sept 2017 Resigned September 2021        

Mrs L Wheeler (assisted by Miss L Denham- Smith) is the Clerk to the Trustees.

*PPF- Personnel, Pay and Finance.
*SEND- Special Educational Needs & Disabilities.

*Associate members are not members of the Full Trustee Body and do not have voting rights.

Trustee Declarations of Interest :-

The Board of Trustees has formally met four times during the year 2020/21. Attendance during the year at meetings of the board of Trustees was as follows:

Trustee Meetings attended Out of a possible

Mr W Heptinstall (Principal and Accounting Officer)

 4  4

 Mrs C Webster

 4  4

 Mrs L Howfield

 1  4

 Miss P Harrison

 0  4

 Mrs K Byng

 4  4

 Ms E Hood

3  4

 Mrs K Green

 4  4

 Mr M Field

 3  4

 Mr D Monk

 2  4

 Mr W Hutt

 4  4

Mrs M Taylor

4 4

Mr R Laight (Staff Trustee)

 3  4

Ms A Salisbury

0 4

Mr P Pemble

1 4

Mrs Kathryn Byng

Chair of the Board of Trustees, Member, Trustee and Chair of PPF Committee

Mrs Kim Green

Vice-Chair to Board of Trustees/Parent Trustee

Mr William Hutt

Head Teacher

Mrs Clare Webster

Co-Opted Trustee

Mr Max Field M.B.E., J.P.


Miss Patricia Harrison


Mrs Lisa Howfield

Member & Trustee, Co-Opted, Chief Financial Officer

Mr Rob Laight


Mr David Monk


Mrs Maria Taylor

Church Trustee

Mr Paul Pemble

Parent Trustee

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