Mental Health & Well-being

There has been a great deal of attention paid to the physical and mental well-being of children in the media, over recent times, linked to worrying statistics about the rise of illnesses related to poor diet and lack of exercise and the increasing numbers of young children suffering from mental health issues.

Our aim is to create a mentally wealthy school, where our pupils, parents and carers and staff have the tools and the resilience to deal with life and flourish academically and emotionally.

In order that we achieve our aim, we have a three-tiered plan (see below) to support all of our pupils in this area, offering more specialised provision for those that require it. Mr. Hutt (Headteacher) has been trained, using Government funding, as our Mental Health and Well-being Leader with responsibility for coordinating our school’s approach to this area.

From Autumn 2022 we will have in place a mental health and wellbeing focus group, which will incorporate the Headteacher, the Deputy Headteacher, two non-class based Thrive practitioners, the PSHE and RSE lead and a school Trustee. This group will have responsibility for coordinating the school’s strategy to mental health and well-being.



Tier 1:

Whole School - all pupils will access and benefit from a range of provision

Parents, Carers and staff will be signposted to a range of mental health wellbeing sites and resources

  • We will carry out a whole school audit of our mental health and well-being provision using Mental Health Standards in the summer and autumn terms of 2022. This audit will incorporate the views of staff, Trustees, children and parents and carers
  • Whole School Thrive screening of all of our pupils by all Class Teachers
  • PSHE lessons - a mindful approach using 'Jigsaw'
  • Staff training on mental well-being and intervention for mental well-being needs
  • As well as the general benefits of a range of physical activities in PE lessons, we also incorporate activities that are proven to impact positively on all children’s mental health e.g. Yoga Kids
  • A range of extra-curricular sports clubs and well-being clubs e.g. football and athletics club, lunchtime board games club and the after-school art club
  • Thrive team support for parents and carers
  • A range of links to mental health and wellbeing organisations that can help support all of our children and their families and all staff

Tier 2: 

Group Intervention

  • Timetabled Thrive intervention groups and increased targeting of groups of pupils in need of additional support throughout the school day

Tier 3:

Personalised Provision

  • Timetabled 1:1 Thrive mentoring sessions for identified pupils
  • Personalised programmes of support to meet individual needs with support from outside agencies and other professionals where required