Phiz Labs

We have a wonderful new Science Lab that is being established in school, and already being used. It has many of the accoutrements that you would expect of a secondary school science lab, with its stools and bench-style tables.

We have partnered with the Ogden Trust to establish this ‘Phiz Lab’ in school. The Ogden Trust is a charitable trust, promoting the teaching and learning of science (particularly physics) in schools. Accordingly, they have provided some of the funding for the establishment of our Phiz Lab.

We now feel as though we have a place in school devoted to the teaching of real science. It is well equipped, with cupboards full of test tubes, gas jars, titration equipment, measuring equipment, electric circuitry apparatus, etc.

The children’s science learning should benefit immensely from this facility. We would like to say a particular thank you to Mrs Tomkinson, who is our science lead in school. Mrs Tomkinson has worked hard attending meetings with Ogden, ordering equipment and equipping the laboratory. In addition, she has been ably supported by Mrs Emery who has created some marvellous displays that have caught the children’s imagination, as well as Mr Mace who has worked tirelessly with builders and fitters getting the room up to scratch.

We will be the centre of primary science in the area, supporting other primary schools to develop their practice in science.

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