Staff List

Mr W Heptinstall Headteacher, Designated Safeguarding Lead
Mr W Hutt Deputy Headteacher
Mrs K Flynn Nursery Leader, Nursery Teacher, Designated Safeguarding Lead for Early Years, Lead for speech, communication and language needs
Mrs L Ashwell Assistant Head
Mrs O BLundell Assistant Head, Inclusion Leader
Mr R Laight  Assistant Head, Year 6 Teacher, Year 5/6 Phase Leader
Mrs S Twilley Nursery Teacher
Mrs S Higgitt Nursery Teacher
Miss L Aston-Davies Reception Teacher
Mrs A Bond Reception Teacher
Miss K Dixon Reception Teacher
Mrs J Tomkinson Reception Teacher, Reception Group Leader
Miss A Harris Year 1 Teacher
Miss Z Jones Year 1 Teacher
Mrs E Wormington Year 1 Teacher
Miss K Allen Year 2 Teacher
Mrs C Ashforth Year 2 Teacher
Miss C Keight  Year 2 Teacher
Miss L Cooper Year 3 Teacher
Mr C McGarry Year 3 Teacher
Miss L Pugh Year 3 Teacher
Miss A Wells Year 4 Teacher
Miss C Brown Year 4 Teacher
Miss V Willcox Year 4 Teacher
Mr M Aspley-Davis Year 5 Teacher
Mrs V Juneman Year 5 Teacher
Mrs E Lovett Year 5 Teacher
Miss S Gatfield Year 6 Teacher
Mrs F Furnell PE Teacher
Mrs R Heptinstall Teacher, Acting SENDCo
Mrs L Rowles Teacher
Mrs L Howfield School Business Manager
Mrs L Marks Administrative Assistant
Mrs C Emery Administrative Assistant, Lettings and Admissions Officer
Mrs D Ward Administrative Assistant
Mrs L Wheeler Administrative Assistant
Mr R Mace Site Manager
Mrs E Small HLTA, Thrive Practitioner
Miss A Townsend HLTA, Lead Cover Supervisor Years 1, 2 & 3
Mrs T Robinson HLTA Lead Cover Supervisor Years 4, 5 & 6
Mrs K Woodyatt HLTA, Deputy Designated Person for Safeguarding, Deputy Sendco, Educational Welfare Officer (EWO), Medical Needs Officer
Mrs H Abbotts Teaching Assistant
Mrs N Beavington Teaching Assistant Nursery
Miss E Bird Teaching Assistant
Mrs S Bird Teaching Assistant
Mrs M Campbell Teaching Assistant, Rapid Reading Practitioner
Miss S-J Carter Teaching Assistant, Thrive Practitioner, Purposeful Play Leader
Mrs S Collett Teaching Assistant
Ms K Croft Teaching Assistant
Mrs K Dawson Teaching Assistant
Mrs D Denaro Teaching Assistant, Speech and Language Practitioner, Lead for speech, communication and language needs
Mrs J Douglas Teaching Assistant
Mrs R Doyle Teaching Assistant
Miss K Ellithorn Teaching Assistant
Mr I Edwards Teaching Assistant
Miss B Firth Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Freeman Teaching Assistant
Mrs P Fletcher Teaching Assistant, Thrive Practitioner
Mrs D Gill Teaching Assistant
Miss J Gough Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Howarth Teaching Assistant Nursery
Mrs J McCorrie Teaching Assistant
Miss K McKenna Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Openshaw Teaching Assistant
Mrs A Palmer Teaching Assistant
Miss M Rabot Teaching Assistant
Mrs Z Smith Teaching Assistant
Mrs S Taylor Teaching Assistant
Mrs C Walters Teaching Assistant Nursery
Mrs M White Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Williams Teaching Assistant, Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) Leader
Mrs L Witham Teaching Assistant
Mrs N Zindani Teaching Assistant

Additional SEND support is provided by Hollywood Primary School.

Midday Supervisors:

Ms Arnold, Miss Arnold, Mrs Boyd, Mrs Christoforou, Mrs Cooksey, Mrs Davenport, Mrs Giles, Mrs Godson, Mrs Grainger, Miss Hensy, Mrs Jones-Nall, Miss Lapthorne, Mrs Lees, Mrs Newey, Mrs Pampols, Miss Summerhayes, Mrs Village, Mrs Wilkinson, Miss Hopkins, Miss Hensey, Mrs Wharton.


Mrs L Walton, Ms M Arnold, Mrs S Boyd, Mrs S Village.

Assistant Site Manager:

Mrs S Boyd

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