Staff List

Mr W Heptinstall Headteacher, Designated Safeguarding Lead
Mr W Hutt Deputy Headteacher
Mrs L Ashwell Assistant Head
Mr R Laight Assistant Head, Year 6 Teacher
Mrs R Heptinstall SENDCO
Mrs K Woodyatt HLTA, Deputy Designated Person for Safeguarding, Deputy Sendco, Educational Welfare Officer (EWO), Medical Needs Officer
Mrs S Twilley Nursery Group Leader, Nursery Teacher
Miss J Gough Nursery Teacher
Miss K Bradley Nursery Teacher
Mrs K Flynn  Reception Group Leader, Reception Teacher, Designated Safeguarding Lead for Early Years, Lead for speech, communication and language needs
Miss A Harris Reception Teacher, Reception Group Leader
Mr J Lee Reception Teacher
Mrs J Tomkinson Year 1 Teacher, Year Group Leader
Mrs A Bond Year 1 Teacher
Mrs L Rowles Year 1 Teacher
Miss K Dixon Year 1 Teacher
Mrs C Ashforth Year 2 Teacher, Year group Leader
Miss Z Jones Year 2 Teacher
Miss K Allen Year 2 Teacher
Miss C Keight Year 3 Teacher, Year Group Leader
Miss L Pugh Year 3 Teacher
Miss H Kirby Year 3 Teacher
Miss A Wells Year 4 Teacher, Year Group Leader
Miss M Whiteley Year 4 Teacher
Miss R Johnson Year 4 Teacher
Mrs V Giles Year 5 Teacher, Year Group Leader Spring & Summer Term
Mr C McGarry Year 5 Teacher, Year Group Leader Autumn term
Mrs S Sealey Year 3 Teacher
Miss L Gieron Year 5 Teacher
Miss H Keogh Year 5 Teacher
Miss S Gatfield Year 6 Teacher, Year Group Leader
Miss L Cox Year 6 Teacher
Mrs L Rowles Teacher
Ms V Juneman Teacher
Mrs C Webster School Business Manager
Mrs C Emery Admissions Officer & Data Protection Officer
Mrs L Marks Administrative Assistant
Mrs L Wheeler Finance Administrator
Mr R Mace Site Manager
Mrs S Boyd Deputy Site Manager
Mrs O BLundell HLTA
Mrs E Small HLTA, Thrive Practitioner
Miss A Townsend HLTA, Lead Cover Supervisor Years 1, 2 & 3
Mrs T Robinson HLTA Lead Cover Supervisor Years 4, 5 & 6
Mrs H Abbotts Teaching Assistant
Mrs N Beavington Teaching Assistant Nursery
Mrs S Bird Teaching Assistant Nursery
Mrs M Campbell Teaching Assistant, Rapid Reading Practitioner
Miss S-J Carter Teaching Assistant, Thrive Practitioner, Purposeful Play Leader
Ms K Croft Teaching Assistant
Mrs K Dawson Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Douglas Teaching Assistant
Mrs R Doyle Teaching Assistant
Mr I Edwards Teaching Assistant
Miss K Ellithorn Teaching Assistant
Mrs P Fletcher Teaching Assistant, Thrive Practitioner
Miss A Franklin Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Freeman Teaching Assistant
Mrs E Giles Teaching Assistant
Mrs D Gill Teaching Assistant
Mrs F Green Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Griffin Teaching Assistant
Miss L Griffin Teaching Assistant
Mr J Hensey Teaching Assistant Nursery
Mrs J Howarth Teaching Assistant Nursery
Miss K McKenna Teaching Assistant 
Mr T Noakes Teaching Assistant
Mrs A Palmer Teaching Assistant
Mrs Z Smith Teaching Assistant
Miss J Summerhayes Teaching Assistant
Mrs B Tonks Teaching Assistant
Mrs C Tonks Teaching Assistant
Mrs C Walters Teaching Assistant 
Mrs D Wharton Teaching Assistant Nursery
Mrs M White Teaching Assistant
Mrs T Wicking Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Williams Teaching Assistant, Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) Leader

Mrs N Zindani Teaching Assistant


Midday Supervisors:

Ms Arnold, Miss Arnold, Mrs Boyd, Mrs Christoforou, Mrs Colin, Mrs Cooksey, Mrs Giles, Mrs Godson, Mrs Grainger, Miss Jones, Miss Hancock, Miss Hensey, Miss Lapthorne, Mrs Lees, Miss Lowe, Mrs Neighbour, Mrs Newey, Mrs Pampols, Mrs Sidwell, Mrs Thompson, Mrs Village, Mrs Wilkinson.


Mrs L Walton, Ms M Arnold, Miss M Arnold, Mrs S Boyd, Mrs S Village.


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