Welcome to our Reception Classes

At The Coppice, we care about developing the ‘whole’ child - socially, emotionally, physically and educationally.

In the very early years, play is a strong motivating factor in learning and it is positively encouraged within the whole school environment both inside and out. It is not trivial; it is essential. Through play young children can develop skills, concepts and attitudes. Its importance cannot be over-emphasised.

Valuable experience will be gained through a variety of situations in a stimulating, structured and exciting learning environment, where children can touch, explore, experiment, look, observe, discuss and share their ideas.

Children are provided with the appropriate and practical experience necessary to develop the understanding required for more formal learning. This is identified as the Early Years Foundation Stage.

Children in our Nursery and Reception classes work towards the 'Early Learning Goals' which prepares them for the National Curriculum. These Early Learning goals are listed below.

To find out more about the curriculum in Reception, please read our Curriculum Plan:

1. Personal, Social and Emotional Development

A lot of the school day is spent in the outdoor classrooms. These children are learning important personal, social and emotional skills. They are learning to share, to communicate and to play together.

2. Language and Literacy

Children love to share books together. During the Foundation Stage, they begin to acquire those important skills that will get them ready to read and write. Children also learn speaking and listening skills. They are talking to each other, listening and learning to take turns.

3. Mathematical Language

Through active play based activities the children will secure a solid foundation for their future mathematical learning.

4. Creative Development

Children learn creative skills and start to express themselves through art and craft, music, drama, cooking and structured play.

5. Physical Development

Foundation Stage children practise their gross motor and fine motor skills throughout the curriculum. The children have plenty of physical opportunities in the indoor and outdoor classrooms, including PE sessions, outdoor climbing equipment, Forest School, bikes and scooters.

6. Knowledge and Understanding of the World

The children love to explore the world around them. Topics are brought to life with special visitors, trips, and plenty of play opportunities to investigate and discover. This curriculum area encompasses ICT, History, Geography and Religious Education.

We value outdoor learning opportunities and we are especially proud of our Forest School. Several members of staff in Reception and Year 1 are qualified Forest School leaders, having specialist expertise in outdoor education. This begins in Nursery when the children take part in 'Wellie Walks'.