A note from Mr Hutt:

The reasons that I wish for all of our children to have the same, high standard in both school uniform and PE kit, is that it gives our children a clear identity. It shows that they all belong to The Coppice Primary School. I want children to feel that they belong to their school and to be proud of it.

One of the mantras that we share with the children is ‘Smart in body, smart in mind’. By this we mean that children learn best when they are in a mindset for work. Through being smartly presented, the children understand the high expectations that our school has for them and that we are striving to be the best that we can be in every sense of the word. For this to be the case, every detail is important and uniform is one of those details. I personally feel much more able to do my job to the best of my ability when I am wearing a suit, shirt and tie.

What is also really important to me though is that the uniform and PE/Forest School kit expectations outlined are both achievable and affordable for all parents and carers. Therefore, we have made decisions that we believe enable this to be the case. We do not want to exclude anyone or pose challenges financially for any of our parents or carers with our expectations. For example, we do not expect an embroidered logo on anything apart from their school sweatshirt, jumper or cardigan. Everything else can be plain.

In the document below we also provide details of places where parents and carers can buy the required uniform at affordable prices. In addition, for children with sensory issues, we also provide details of where sensory alternatives can be purchased so that all children can conform to the expectations, just as they will be expected to do at secondary school and in the world of work beyond that. These specialists use specific sensory-need fabrics, which, through research, have a proven track record.


School Uniform Expectations September 2021 onward