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From September 2020 we will now be using ‘My Maths’ as our new online maths homework platform. Activities will be set by the class teacher each week (2 or 3 activities). These will consolidate learning from the previous week or may support work that is currently being taught. All children from Yr1 to Yr6 will be given their own password to access the tasks.
Teachers are able to track the children’s participation and can quickly see when homework activities have or haven’t been completed.
There is an expectation for all children to complete these set tasks.
*The homework tasks are self-marking, so the children can see straight away how they have performed. When completing a task, if a child does not score as well as they had hoped, then they have the opportunity to repeat the task and improve their score. (Aim for the green rosette!) There are two pages per task and the children need to do both.
*With each task there is a ready-made lesson that supports the learning. It may be useful to watch this before tackling the homework task or watch it if the task proves to be more difficult than expected, before having a second attempt.
*There are also lots of fun games which will further support their maths learning in a fun way. These are optional and can be played by the children at any time.

For more information and guidance on My Maths take a look at the Parent Presentation, which goes through everything step by step.

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In addition to My Maths, children from Yr2 – Yr6 will also get Times Tables Rock Stars passwords (TTRS). Children are encouraged to regularly use this to practise their times tables and improve fluency. Knowing times tables is a valuable skill and they need to be learnt by heart. Again, progress will be monitored by the class teacher.

Thank you for your support with your child’s homework.

My Maths Parent Presentation
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