The Grove Partnership

 *Grove: a small collection of trees that grow as a community; they are interconnected by their roots and share resources to support each other.

We value the working relationships we have with other schools and in the current national climate school to school support is vital to our continued development. The Coppice Primary School is proud to be part of The Grove* partnership of schools which includes: Lickey Hills Primary School, Holywell Primary & Nursery School and Beaconside Primary & Nursery School

Each school within our local group has something distinctive to share and we can all learn from each other’s good practice. We see ourselves as partners not rivals and collaboration as the future for further school improvement, whilst all retaining our uniqueness and individuality. This partnership has evolved from our work with the Bromsgrove schools network, which includes all first, middle and primary schools in the Bromsgrove district as is known as the Bromsgrove Learning Network (BLN).

Within the network, schools break away into smaller groups like The Grove; for The Coppice that means that we will continue to actively work with all Bromsgrove primary schools as well as BLN. Such school to school partnerships are invaluable and as such we, Bromsgrove Headteachers, are keen to continue working closely with each other.

Bromsgrove Learning Network

As Bromsgrove and wider district schools, we have worked to develop the educational experiences and outcomes for our children by working collaboratively for a number of years. This has enabled us to develop strong links, to support transition between schools and to ensure an equal experience for all. As the educational landscape changes nationally, with a focus on schools working more formally together alongside a reduced service from Local Authorities/ County Councils, we have formalised our collaborative work to create closer links and working relationships between our schools. Each of the twenty-one Bromsgrove District schools works within a small group of schools and is also a part of the wider Bromsgrove Learning Network (BLN).

We use the opportunities that this collaborative approach provides to develop school leadership, teaching and learning, administration and governance. The children gain from the shared expertise of staff across the network and wider opportunities within the network for collaborative experiences. As a group of school leaders we feel strongly that together we will ensure that Bromsgrove remains an excellent place for children to learn.

Bromsgrove Learning Network- Our Vision

To work collaboratively, in a supportive and challenging capacity; to have an impact upon school improvement; to ensure that all schools in the network are provided with appropriate systems and support that enable them to maintain strong provision and outcomes.



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