Quad Refurbishment

Stage one of the quad refurbishment has been completed over half term!

The Thrive room now has a new door and a wheelchair accessible entrance to the quad area which the PTA are revamping. All of the funds we raise are being put towards making this area into an outdoor classroom and sensory garden.
The photos below show the before and after and we look forward to showing you more when the project is complete.

Quad Refurbishment 2020

The plans submitted for the area include a sensory walk, enough artificial grass to seat a whole class, seating and a sand and water zone for Thrive.

In order to raise money to complete the project the following events are planned:

2nd March for one month - The Copper Change Challenge (see poster above)
3rd March- PTA Meeting all welcome
6th March – Pop up Tuck Shop
13th March 3.30 – 5.00 – ‘I Love You’ event for children to treat their Mums
20th March – Tuck Shop
2nd April - Collect/Count Coppice Change Challenge
3rd April – Tuck Shop
Thank you for your ongoing support.

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