5th October

We are really enjoying Year One and we are having lots of fun!

We have had a visit from the big, bad wolf! Look at the mess he made. He left us a map to follow, we followed the map through school all the way to the office. Unfortunately he had run away. We have written WANTED posters to see if we can find him. Have you seen him?

Then we had an email from Patience the Pig in Asia, she sent a package to Mrs Gill's house for us to collect. This time we followed a map of the local area whilst identifying physical features along the way.

We are having lots of fun trying to find the wolf and writing letters to Patience !

In English, we have been learning the Talk4Writing story map for the story of The Three Little Pigs.

IMG 1761IMG 1762IMG 1763IMG 1764IMG 1765IMG 1766IMG 1873

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